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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 15, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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ballots are counted tonight as good evening, there's new potential for a hotel strike in san francisco tonight. workers in one hotel authorized a strike a few hours ago and could be joined by workers from 60 other hotels. amber is live in the city with our report. amber? >> reporter: hundreds of hotel workers authorized the strike
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here. 74% checked yes to a strike on this ballot. the union president said no date has been set, but that sends a message to the hilton and dozens of  others. >> if they keep on the table what they have on the table, the chances of a strike are absolute. >> we don't want the strike, but it's the only key we have. >> reporter: she says she makes $2,000 a month cleaning rooms at the hilton and the hotel now wants each worker to clean 20 rooms a day, up from 14. >> it's hard. very stress. they don't want to pay more. >> reporter: the key sticking points are health care costs, pension, and wages. 9,000 workers at 60 san francisco hotels including doormen, bellhops, and kitchen staff have been working without
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a contract for months. there's been a series of lout pickets outside various hotels and several incidents where workers faced impromptu protests in hotel lobbies, all to pressure a new 4-year contract. they are operating in a tough economic climate and dealing with rising health care costs. >> we need to be able to have contracts that are fair for the people who work in the hotels and own them as well. >> reporter: but the union disagrees saying fees and hotel rates are up. >> we'll see what happens. >> reporter: union leaders plan to meet with owners of various hotels friday over what to do next. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, "ktvu channel 2 news."
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>> now to san bruno where it was an emotional journey home today. wearing www.protective gear, home owners walked through the rubble trying to salvage their belongings. one home owner returned home for the first time and says a small safe containing his wife's jewelry and irreplaceable japanese pottery is intact. >> some of her mother's stuff is in there, we just wanted to see if we could find something. >> he said he and his wife lived in their san bruno home for 25 years and says they loved the area but do not plan to rebuild there. governor schwarzenegger returned from an overseas trip and immediately visited the site of the explosion. live in san bruno with the details, lloyd? >> reporter: tomorrow will mark
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one week since the area behind me erupted into flames. today governor arnold schwarzenegger came straight to san bruno from the airport after arriving from an asian trade mission. he walked on the perimeter of the blast area and was briefed by various officials and investigators. he thanked first responders and emergency personnel for their work and said the state will help in the recovery and also promised transparency in the investigation. >> if there was a fault of somebody or a problem or something that has not been maintained or whatever it maybe, you will know. there is no hiding of information. i can guarantee you that. >> reporter: with all natural gas pipes in the state now being inspected for vulnerabilities, it's important to find out why the pipe exploded in san bruno. >> something missing or something, i think that's why we have the area blocked off and secured so investigators
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can go through because the important thing is something like this doesn't ever happen again. >> reporter: a number of residents listened to the governor's words, others too busy cleaning up homes or looking for items in the rubble of totally destroyed homes. some took the governor's appearance in stride. >> he's here because he has to. >> reporter: many residents question why it took so look for pg and e to shut off the gas valves. >> they have it wirelessly connected so they can measure your meter, your use of electricity or gas, what about the patch? why aren't the pipes run in that fashion? >> reporter: the governor says he's going to drill down for information. >> i'll be back. you will get the information, i come guarantee you that. thank you very much. >> reporter: the governor said
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before coming to san bruno, he signed paperwork to make the area eligible for federal aid. >> the fire burned unchecked for one hour and 47 minutes before the flow of natural gas was shut off. they explained this particular pipeline does not have automatic shutoff valves like others. instead, a worker had to drive to the neighborhood, unlock a gate and manually turn off the valve, then do it all over again at the other side of the leak. >> we're going to have to look at how they should be deployed. should will be more, those are the kind of issues we're going to have to look at. two state lawmakers said there should be laws requiring automatic shutoff valves. more is coming up at 10:30, an
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executive says why the -- then at 10:45, one family's poignant story of survival and how their lives have changed forever. our coverage continues online, go to for a photo slide show and more excerpts of fire dispatch tapes. good news in the gulf of mexico. bp's blownout oil well is set to be permanently sealed by this sunday. the federal government says bp's deep relief well should intersect with the ruptured well within 24 hours, mud and cement will be pumped in sealing the well once and for all. a temporary cap stopped the well from leaking in july. the well exploded almost 5 months ago. . the nursing supervisor tells us the jockey injured in a horrific spill remained in critical condition tonight.
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michael mart was rushed with with major injuries. the 24 year old is paralyzed from the waist down. last sunday he was thrown from his horse, then the horse rolled over him. martinez is one of the top- ranked jockeys in the country. . meg whitman has broken a record after loaning her campaign more than $15 million, she has invested more in her campaign than any other candidate running for u.s. office in u.s. history. what does she say about it? >> reporter: republican meg whitman at san francisco headquarters today talked about jobs, but the news was money, $119 million of her own dollars to run for governor. that shatters the previous record for a self-financed candidate set by new york mayor, michael bloomburg. >> have you got your moneys
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worth? >> i couldn't be more pleased where we are. >> reporter: where she is is slightly ahead in the polls in a state with more democrats than republicans. most are young, not necessarily open to whitman's conservative message, some asked hostile questions. >> why would you knowingly and purposely run a campaign based on lies? >> reporter: questions about controversial ads including one featuring an old bill clinton/jerry brown debate after accusing him of misleading voters. the associated press calls that ad misleading and bill clinton says his facts were wrong back then and now president clinton is endorsing jerry brown. >> meantime brown accusing whitman of lying.
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meg whitman's nose keeps growing. >> how does it feel? >> it's pretty typical of a career politician. jerry brown has his back against the wall, he's terribly worried and is reporting to character attacks. >> reporter: some of your ads have accused him of lying, he has accused you of lying. sometimes it sounds like two kids fighting in a sand box. >> for me it isn't about fighting in a sand box. >> reporter: issues both candidates say they are fighting for, improving the state's sour economy and doing a better job balancing the budget. randy, "ktvu channel 2 news." a school board decided today tonight to take a stand. members of the west unified school district board passed a resolution to oppose proposition 19. that would legalize the sale, production, and use of marijuana by adults.
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there was no debate or public comment, the schoolboard approved the resolution 4-1 with one member abstaining. at midnight the state legislature will set a record it is likely not proud of. the 78th they the legislature has phone without passing a state budget. thousands of venders who do business with california say it's the third consecutive month of no checks in the bail. >> this is completely on the legislature and the governor for their failure to pass a budget. this is going to take billions out of the economy and have a down stream effect on tens of thousands of small businesses and families in california. >> once the punishment is passed, the venders will get paid but it maybe too late for some. >> you're going to find weather variations tomorrow, our chief meteorologist has all the climates covered. he'll be here in less than 10
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a reward is posted tonight for information about the shooting, the fatal shooting of a berkeley man. $17,000 is being offered for leads in the shooting last
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sunday. police say the 35 year old man was walking with his fiance when two robbers attacked them. he was shot numerous times and died at the hospital in oakland. . a crime wave is underway at bart with frequent fair jumpers confounding police. it's not a minor crime, many people that do it are much wanted for other offenses much more serious. we investigate in tonight's special report. >> reporter: from the moment bart police officers begin their training, they are told to focus on the system's most common crime, fare evasion, although it may seem trivial, it is what police officers are finding with it that's surprising. at least some are wanted for more serious crimes, assault,
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robbery, even murder. >> sometimes they stop these people, a lot end up being wanted felons. >> i didn't know that. >> reporter: police say it baffles them why some people would not want to draw attention to themselves often do. >> it's been my experience over 28 years that the people that you and i would expect to be walking on egg shells often arrive in our system banging drums. for what reason, i can't really answer. although it does help us to catch them. >> reporter: this video shows people sunlightly or not so subtly cheating the system. some riders say they see them all the time. >> they look at the people who are in the box to see if they are looking then left their legs and slide their legs over the top of the thing and hold themselves up.
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>> reporter: you'd be surprised how many people don't buy one of these. we saw meal brazenly using emergency gates. one time a few feet away from a station agent. many station agents are too busy to chase after people they see jumping the gates. and some agents feel confronting the evaders because they fear for their own safety. bart is making progress and officers have issued some 2100 fare evasion citations this year. it's why we have increases. there's increases, delays, a lot of problems because of people cheating the system. yeah. unfair for the rest of us. >> i can show you a file i have where i get notes on a regular basis of patrons making that exact complaint. i exited this station at this time, three people went out the
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side gate, can you tell me why that occurs. >> reporter: some say stopping them would reduce crime on board trains by keeping the bad guys off the trains. >> if you don't address these low-level issues, these low- lying concerns, they'll bloom and you'll lose control. if it's not the bart system, it's the city, the county. you ever to stay on top it. >> reporter: bart police say they'll keep a close watch, part is deploying plain-clothes officers. "ktvu channel 2 news." in san francisco a 5 year old girl is expected to survive after being hit by gun fire. the shooting happened last friday night on pacific avenue. the little girl was with her mother when she was hit. police obtained 7 juveniles, one member was arrested on gun
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charges although it's not clear it was his gun used in the shooting. the arraignment of a man was postponed today. william faces charges including vehicular manslaughter, dui and driving on a suspended license. he's accused of running a stop sign on saturday morning, hitting another vehicle. a 65 year old in that other vehicle was girl. he is expected back in court on september 27. died this morning. she was 88 years old. she was born in minnesota and moved to the bay area during world war ii. in 1985 she married and opened the vineyards. they ran the vineyard until
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they sold it in 1995. the u.s. army says the levies don't meet safety criteria and are at risk in a flood or storm. unacceptable levies were found to stockton. they found problems with erosion, instability and water seepage. other levies have been repaired with money from a measure voters passed four years ago. some changes heading our way in the weather. >> big changes headed our way. we've been talking about it for a couple of days now. clouds increasing, tomorrow is nice like today, plenty of sunshine, then a chance of showers over the weekend. overnight lows tonight with a lot of fog. i've already got fog moving across towards redwood city towards oakland and alameda. we're watching this weather system for the weekend.
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it's looking pretty juicy, we'll talk more about that, but tomorrow's forecast, slightly warmer, fog in the morning as you know, then daytime highs tomorrow 2 or 3 degrees warmer than they were today. when i come back, we'll have the long-range forecast and specific forecasts for an area you live. i'll let you know when you need those umbrellas. a record number of shark attacks on sea otters is being reported. they found 19 injured or dead sea otters last month. all showed signs of shark bites. the average in august is 7 dead sea otters. scientists say cooler ocean temperatures maybe drawing sharks closer to the coast. a new device hoping to help the public as well as the officers who wear it. the police department that's deploying it u owi stgoth n csechkint al?ye cckhiou
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t'noepitsls es u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't eyott? h.oht's t rei. itlswos thas t'noepitsls es al?doouha a o.. u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't eyott? a!'s ol t'noepitsls es al?doouha a o.. u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't l's . y,ai wr'my0?'s ol t'noepitsls es al?doouha a o.. aschki. lcetoanitche.n ern't y,h'updu . aswh mte
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some residents being told to protect themselves against west nile virus. a group tested positive for the virus. health officials are telling people to wear bug repellant and to get rid of all standing water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. some police officers have a new tool, tiny view cameras they can clip on their uniforms. interactions between police and the public can be recorded. here's an example of what it looks like as an officer makes a traffic stop. police say the cameras can help protect them too. >> video evidence, what can you say, if the camera gets it, it's there. bottomline, the video is not going to lie to you.
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>> it also can provide evidence of a complaint against an officer such as harassment. police say they expect to have 350 cameras in use by winter. supporters of the tea party movement are enjoying their victories tonight in primaries across the country and a group from the south bay sees a trend coming. >> you can really see over the next 5 or 10 years is the organizations online with tea party ideas as the tea party types will take over the republican party from within. >> howl says they want republicans to behave like republicans of the one of the biggest wins was in delaware where she'll now run for vice president joe biden's old senate seat. there seems to be a major rift developing in san francisco. former mayor willie brown has come out in favor of a pension
11:55 pm
reform measure which his union supporters oppose. the measure would require city workers to pay 10% of their salaries towards their pensions. brown defends his position saying he's not antilabor but the pension system needs to be fixed. is california's global warming measure a job killer or creator? that was the focus of a debate today. the initiative would delay implementation of the global warming measure signed into law in 2006. the law requires that groan house gases in california be cut to 1990 leaves by the year 2020. prop 23 would suspend the law until the state jobless rate reaches 5.5% for four consecutive quarters. >> we're laying off teachers and firefighters. why do we want to do something no one else is willing to do? >> we have pulled out of slumps
11:56 pm
before by creating new industries and being innovative and technologically driven. >> much of the debate also centered on funding for the yes on prop 23 campaign being financed in part by large oil and energy companies. . freed from a iranian prison. sarah shourd is speaking out. . nervous residents of another city are learning that a 62 year old natural gas pipeline runs [ man i was deciding what to do with my citi thankyou points when it happened... [ glass breaks ...again. ♪ [ child run! [ man first it was the mailbox.
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a major revelation tonight about the pipeline that exploded in san bruno. it turns out pg&e had been awarded a rate hike to pay for replacing that line but delayed the work. that same line runs beneath other neighborhoods including parts of south san francisco. that's where ken wayne is stapping by with a live report. >> reporter: many residents -- say the same pipeline that exploded in san bruno runs beneath the streets of their community. for now, pg&e refuses to disclose exactly where that pipeline is located. >> i think they should know. everybody should know. >> reporter: pg&e calls the pipeline 132 and in documents filed, calls it a high-risk line. the pipe was put in service in 1948. pg&e says a pipe failure has a potential impact radius of 415
12:00 am
feet and that the risk of a failure at this location is unacceptably high. the puc approved a rate hike request so it could spend $5 million to replace the line last year, but it didn't. >> some things happen when we're going down, a year later another item becomes more emergent we need to fix. that's why we'll redirect funds to take care of things that are emergent today, then go back and say what are the things urgent tomorrow. >> meantime he's ready to introduce legislation to force pg&e to disclose the location of all high-risk lines in california. >> my concern is where is that pipe if it is of a high-risk nature because of the fact it needs repairing or replacement, we should know where it is. >> reporter: reports give a rough idea of the line extending from the blast site in san bruno to south city and into san francisco. for some residents, it could be
12:01 am
more than a mile away, or right under their home. >> if it was underneath my house, i would pretty much get in contact with pg&e and better yet if they are not doing anything, i'd take a step further of moving. >> it scares me. you think you're safe in your own house, but you're not. >> reporter: pg&e argues disclosing the locations of the pipelines could make them targets for terrorists and has asked for another $5 million to replace the pipeline by 2013. live in south san francisco, "ktvu channel 2 news." four people in san bruno have been arrested for trying to scam food, money, and other aide by claiming they came from the neighborhood. department of motorcycle investigators and police were booked. the governor is getting pressure from environmental groups that want him to sign a
12:02 am
bill they say would prevent devastating oil spills. as a result lists joined the bill's author to highlight the bill's provisions. one would require operators to deploy booms as a precaution. >> the governor, i think, made a pivot after the gulf oil spill, he pulled back his proposal to expand offshore drilling in california. this is the other piece of what we have to learn from the tragedy in the gulf. we have to be prepared. >> the governor to sign or vet that measure. the nation's first living medal of honor recipient since vietnam is set to receive the award saturday. he said it will be a bittersweet moment. >> it's emotional and it's great. all of this is great, but it does bring back then, you know, a lot of memories of all the people that i would love to
12:03 am
share this moment with and i'm just not going to have that opportunity because they are no longer with us. >> during an ambush three years ago he exposed himself to enemy fire while trying to save two fellow soldiers. there are 87 other recipients still living. sarah shourd remains in oman tonight. today she smoke in a conference call to the two others still held in prison. the mothers said they were pleased shourd had a chance to tell their sons good-bye before her release. rita williams has today's update. >> her first full day of freedom in almost 14 months. after the reunion with her mother, this is the last thing sarah shourd said publicly, her voice breaking. >> all of my efforts starting today are going to go into
12:04 am
helping procure the same freedom for my fiance and my friend because i can't enjoy my freedom without them. they should be standing here with me. >> today shourd saw doctors about a breast lump, depression and precancerous condition. about robert, a former fbi agent who disappeared in iran three years ago. >> she's now in oman. we are taking care of her and her family. we'll have the opportunity to talk with her. >> it's brought a rare spotlight on oman, a history with a long cooperation with the united states. >> more than 3 dozen americans are still being held hostage in
12:05 am
iran tonight. >> remember the failed u.s. attempt to rescue american hostages from the u.s. embassy in 1979? a congressional report says the rescue was staged at an oman air base. now mothers of the other two hope oman can convince iran to release their sons too. >> it was a bittersweet moment for me. >> we are very hopeful this is a prelude to the release of shane and josh. >> today iran's chief prosecutor says trials will begin soon for the three. rita williams, "ktvu channel 2 news." up next, how getting smokers to kick the habit could provide a human boost for the state's budget. the new computer model is in tonight. it changes in the rain
12:06 am
forecast. >> do you knowú
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antismoking advocates are urging governor swart schwarzenegger to sign a legislation. the bill in question is sb220 and it mandates insurance coverage for smoking sensation. experts say smokers cost california $8.5 billion per year. other states have passed similar bills. >> 27% of smokers chose to quit because they had access to the services they need to quit. >> san francisco state senator
12:09 am
offered the bill and governor schwarzenegger vetoed a similar bill 5 years ago. in jerusalem, george mitchell announced late today peace talks had been encouraging, but they remain divided on major issues. as if to undermine the divide, a tunnel was bombed today along the border and militants in gaza fired morters in israel. the bill goes to the senate next month. thousands of people protested outside the parliament. the french government insists the move is necessary because of the deficits in the pension system. at 6 #, france's retirement age would be among the lowest in europe. . >> in japan the got stepped in teabowls they are the weakened
12:10 am
yen. it's goal is to stop the rise of the yen which hurts exporters and threatens the fragile economy. as a result the dollar rose against the yen. >> but the dollar fell today against the euro. the weaker dollar makes u.s. goods more attractive in europe leading to more sales and higher profit. lizelizabeth warren being named. warren is a professor at harvard and has been a consumer advocate. it will cover mortgages, credit cards and other products. president obama will announce the appointment this week. a report indicates california's economics problems won't ease until the middle of
12:11 am
next year. it predicts the unemployment rate will raise through this year. certain sectors are showing signs of recovery, among them, sea ports have seen an increase in traffic. the anderson report for construction lagging until late next year. when that industry revives, the economy will get a much-needed boost. we're here today to feed our children. >> dozen of people rallied outside the downtown san francisco office of diane finestein to demand jobs. they want continued funding in congress. earlier program helped almost 4,000 people in san francisco to get jobs. the money came from the economic stimulus package. . neighbors helping neighbors survive. coming up, a story of heroism. as a family rushed to
12:12 am
escape the raging inferno, it stopped to save a life. the family's actions next. . there could be a
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funeral services for victims of the san bruno explosion and fire are planned for this week. a funeral mass for jacqueline gregg and her 13 year old daughter begins at 11:00 friday morning in san francisco. she was an 8th grade student. jacqueline gregg worked for the state public utilities commission and a service for jessica morales. the 20 year old was watching football with her boyfriend at the time of last thursday's
12:15 am
explosion. she was a student at the academy of heart college in san francisco. >> her boyfriend was with her and almost died as well, in fact, the only reason he's still alive is because of what his neighbors did when they saw him come out of his house seriously injured and begging for help. live tonight in san bruno with the report. >> reporter: if you take a look behind me, you can see the only thing that remains of the house she and her boyfriend were in is the chimney. by all accounts both would have died had it not been for a family up the hill. when the earth shook, michael shouted to his wife and daughter to leave and get into the car, but as the family came out, the three were suddenly amidst unimaginable heart ache and pain. >> where that light post is is where i saw him walking at me
12:16 am
begging for help. he was walking at me with his arms out like this asking for help. >> reporter: it was a shocked and badly burned neighbor who had singed clothes and bones piercing his skin. >> his house blew up. he lost his girlfriend. he tried to save her and couldn't, you know. she perished right in front of him. >> reporter: the family put him in their car and headed straight for the medical center. >> no time. absolutely no time to wait for help. >> 15 year old amanda sat in the back seat trying to comfort her neighbor with prayer. >> god brought you this far, you're here for a reason. >> he's now in the burn center in san francisco. today for the first time, his girlfriend's mother and family members stopped by the site where jessica died.
12:17 am
while they are now back in their home, things are far from normal. they are haunted by the event and image of a young man desperate to live. >> no. never going to return. my mom slams a door and i start shaking. >> reporter: while their actions were indeed heroic, don't call them heros, they say they were doing what anyone would have done. the home owners whose houses were damaged now face the slow task of restoring them. crews were cleaning and fixing some of the homes, work being offered for free with pg&e paying for the service. >> i'm satisfied they asked me exactly -- they took all our clothes, mattress and window coverings and are cleaning
12:18 am
everything. >> the restoration effort may take weeks to complete. insurance adjustors were surveying some of the damaged homes today, some estimate the restoration will cost tens of millions of dollars. crews are checking for hot spots after a grass fire temporarily shut down a highway offramp. the fire broke out around 1:20 this afternoon on eastbound highway 24. about 60 firefighters responded and got the fire under control within 30 minutes. no one was hurt and no structures were danged. the offramp was reopened by 4:00 this afternoon. it has been a cool summer around here, that's because this low pressure center has been lingering off our coast. now it's getting more strength and dropping the jet stream in our direction. see the area up in the pacific. this is a fairly active north
12:19 am
pacific for this time of year, we have a low pressure center. see it spinning here, it's summertime. it's summertime, not supposed to look like that. lots of activity, showers in the forecast as we move through time as we head into friday night, saturday, and now sunday. the computer model, the newest run has changed a bit. i said that would happen because every 6 hours or so the new models come off and are adjusting. they are going to adjust a bit each day until we get closer. tomorrow and friday we'll have a better idea, but here's the biggest change, friday at 5:00 a.m., looks like we might see drizzle along the coast. if there's fog, we could see drizzle for the morning, that's friday, as we head through the day or evening, what's changed is the last model run had rain saturday morning, you see it's holding a. it's backed off. the timing has slowed down if
12:20 am
you buy this recent model. saturday night at 11:00 p.m., you see showers. so saturday looks it's mainly a north bay event, but not a big teal. here's something different too. watch what happens sunday. sunday at 2:00 p.m. we get a bulls eye that goes through the bay area. none is big rain-producing stuff, but in this pattern i would expect scattered sprinkle, drizzle and rain. if you're in lake tahoe, rain up there as well. that's the most recent run, tomorrow we know it's going to be warm like today, maybe a degree or two warmer, you might find a couple of low 90s. 75. 8 82 in clear lake. 82. good air quality, fire danger, i'm telling you, we had the
12:21 am
fire out there today off 23 24, then got right on that. this time of year, you don't expect that. it's dry and hot. not today. wasn't dry or hot. fire got on it. if we do get rain on friday, saturday, and sunday, that will help the fire concerns greatly in the bay area and northern california. we could dodge a major fire weather bullet this year. our real national pastime?
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another crucial game tonight for the giants. it was a close one, but this time a little differently than last night. enough with the 1-0 games. something cleatly different
12:25 am
this evening. 2-1. a sweaty palm and a guy who knows something about high- tension games on hand. joe and jennifer in their 25th year of marriage no less. runs hard to come by. the dodger right fielder robbing posey. that's a sensational catch to the back hand. posey, 2 for 3, 0-0 until the 7th. mike fontano with a broken bat, singled to center field. they score, 1-0, they had a crucial run in the 8th. huff, great all the way around today. good base running and defense, in there with a run they'd need because wilson, although getting his 43rd save in the 9th, gives up a homer, but the giants win 2-1, and scoreboard watching provides a pleasant view for giant's fans.
12:26 am
thai low ways sky, two 3-run shots against the padres added an rbi single for 7 rbis, colorado over the padres 9-6. with the padres defeat and giants winning, they creep to a half game lead in the west and are as close in the wild card chase as the braves lose to the nationals, all around a solid day for the giants. they go against the dodgers again tomorrow night. big-league lesson for the young ace of the a's, even the kansas city royals are capable of coming back from a 3-0 deficit. figure this thing was in the books, first inning, mark ellis, shot to left, scores cocoa crisp. he makes it ahead of the tag. 3-0 a's after 2 innings, but it
12:27 am
all comes apart. cahill giving it up. his first career grand slam and it was kansas city from there on out, 6-3, a's on the short end. this is always the time for great optimism for nfl teams and fans. a 3-1 preseason helping raider believers this could be the first year of marked improvement since 2002, but that dissipates after tennessee. campbell's debut will be remembered for the poorest offensive line and how meaningless records are. >> we were getting good in the preseason in a lot of different thing. this game here humbled our team and got us back to knowing what we need to do. it's not going to be handed to you because there are changes made. we have to earn it and fight for it. i think if you take that
12:28 am
approach from this game, it would help us out for the rest of the ú
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